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3IG Corp Limited drives “POWERING YOUR INSPECTION” as our target and it is based on the Able to inspect then Inspection in High Definition with Evidence High Clarity. These gives our country distributors and users right inspection tools with more options and profitable decision they can make immediately without any doubt.


Various diameters from 6.0mm ~1.0mm are able to inspect in different scenario to give different resolutions up to 1080P. The pictures or video clips from IREALBORESCOPE is high cost-valued products what you expect. It helps user or operators a lot during making report or analysis. Our users are not necessary to be limited by the tool not provide the right solution for them.


We learn from the market and users then moving forward to make different solution. Too see is to believe is silent evidence to convince or getting the conclusion between people. When choosing 3igcorp, the customer and partners will enter into a value-driven partnership which enables them to achieve better outcomes for their business and their own clients.



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